Gearlock Info

Supported Gearlock Extensions

Bliss OS devs do occasionally create Gearlock Extensions also, and those can be found here:
You can also find more extensions on the site. Not all of those are compatible with our versions of Android, so please read carefully.

Gearlock Kernel Commands

(these are passed through Grub CLI)
Gearlock kernel command lines:
  • NOSC=0 Disables supercharging
  • NOGFX=0 Skips loading Gearlock GPU drivers at recovery-mode (needed for vulkan and old-modprobe modes)
  • NORECOVERY=0 Disables recovery countdown
  • ALWAYSRECOVERY=0 Enters Recovery by default
To disable bootsound you have to use gearlock > more > settings > bootsound Or you can also use your own by editing /[data] [system] /ghome/.gearlockrc