Hardware Compatibility

Supported CPU's:
  • Intel i Series (i3/5/7/9) - Fully Supported
  • Intel Celeron M - Fully Supported (Kernel 5.4+ recommended)
  • Intel Atom - Mostly Supported (Kernel 5.10+ recommended)
  • Core2Duo - Not Fully Supported (Needs SSE4.2) (May require 32bit builds)
  • A Series - Mostly Supported (Needs SSE4.2) (Kernel 5.10+ recommended)
  • Ryzen Series (1k-7k) - Fully Supported (Kernel 5.10+ recommended)
  • Athlon Series - Mostly Supported (Needs SSE4.2) (Kernel 5.10+ recommended)
Supported GPU's:
  • Intel / AMD iGPU - all supported + Vulkan (Iris requires Mesa 21.1.3+)
  • AMD Desktop GPUs - mostly supported + Vulkan
  • Nvidia Desktop GPUs - poor support - no vulkan (Uses Nouveau drivers)
Native-Bridge is an ARM translation layer for android x86 developed by Intel and Google to run ARM apps on x86 architecture. How to identify Native-Bridge Types in ISO file ?
  • houdini - Includes Intel's Houdini (Works with most Intel CPU's and some recent AMD CPU's)
  • libndk - Includes Google's libndk-translation (Works on all CPU's, but not as efficient as Houdini)